When it comes to carbon emissions, I am no angel.  We’re on a cycle tour at the moment (sounds good so far) that has involved a few train journeys (still looking ok) and when we get back in October I’m flying to Malaysia for two weeks (RUINED!!!).  Oh yeah, then we’re going on the family ski holiday in January that involves a flight to Austria.  Dammit.

But we are slowly extracting ourselves from being in the habit of using planet-ruining methods of transport.  We don’t own a car – and I hope we never will.  And it would be amazing to start 2016 as a year without aeroplanes.  Perhaps we can hitchhike or train to the aforementioned skiing holiday…?

It takes a long time to make these sorts of changes because they do involve sometimes drastic changes in lifestyle.  Maybe you’re not ready to stop using aeroplanes – perhaps you have family on the other side of the world, or you travel for work.  But would you be prepared to walk / cycle / train to work instead of driving?  Even if you do it just once a week, that’s a 20% reduction in emissions.  Worth thinking about.  If you want to save money, time and emissions, go for a run near where you live instead of driving to the gym!  Once you start thinking about it, there are lots of things you could do.

If you’re not sure what you want to work towards, have a look at this section of the Moneyless Manifesto.  The POP model is a useful way to map out the changes you want to make in any aspect of your life.  Then read the whole Moneyless Manifesto, because it’s amazing.

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