By mid April the slow retreat of winter was truly underway. We had ethereal misty mornings filled with bird song before the sun burned through the mist and bright emerging leaves dappled the light. The woods smell warm and damp. Wildflowers have been popping up everywhere – wild orchids in purple, little violets nestled in the grass, yellow petunias at the edges of the paths. Our little village was full of people. As well as the usual five of us, we had our two volunteers and also a family visit from Dave’s sister and nephew. We had a great time with them that included a trip to the beach, a walk, an outing to a market and taking them skiing for the first time!

Then I had a week in London and came back enthusiastic about doing some work in the Spring sunshine. Dave and our building helper Omar had spent the whole week I was away chipping out the final wall for repointing. It was almost ready when I got back. With Dave back at his computer working, Omar and I carried on with chipping then started mixing more mortar and filling the wall back up again.

The following week I worked pretty hard actually because our friend Jules was visiting. That meant three pairs of hands getting to work. We spent the week rebuilding a retaining wall below our field, repointing the house, clearing away and burning the small branches and brambles we’d cleared out between the trees in the field boundary. Then after a busy week of work we headed out for a weekend of socialising and I even went out clubbing in the city with some friends (that was a first here but won’t be the last!).

Our Danish neighbours have been away for a few weeks awaiting their second baby. She was more than a week overdue when we finally got news on the 9th May that she gave birth to a baby girl. We’re looking forward to having them back here again in a week or so.

At the moment we’ve got some more volunteers here, who are hard working and lovely. Dave has just finished his computer work too, so it’s all hands on deck with five of us. Chipping, repointing, sanding beams, insulating the tops of the walls, cutting back brambles and tending the garden. Long may the hard work last!

The puppies turned 1 year old on 10th May