The usual routine with a sprinkling of joy

I haven’t felt inspired to write the last two months, but I haven’t really been sure why. I’m think I’m in the mood for change but I feel stuck. Generally things have been pretty good – we are healthy, we are able to go out and about more, it’s summer time, life is lovely, I’m having a great time with Leona. But Dave has been working so much and that has been putting strain on us all. There has been no time to work on the house, and no time for me and Dave to even sit and talk. Last week he decided it was all getting too ridiculous even for him, so he talked to his boss about it and I am hopeful that things will start to change. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

In some very exciting other news… my parents were able to come out and visit us! Hurray! It had been 15 months since we last saw them, so it was like Leona was meeting them for the first time. They came and stayed in the village for a week. It only took them a few minutes to make friends with Leona and they got along so well, my heart filled with love and joy to hug my Mum and Dad and watch them bond with their granddaughter.

Whilst they were here, we had the time and energy to sort out a whole load of things like tidying the attic, stocking up the freezer, cleaning the house and buying me some new clothes that fit. Even after all that we still had time to spend at the beach, go to parties and relax in the sunshine. Just about enough happy memories to last us until the next visit!

Our land is suitably overgrown for the time of year. The meadow has gone mad and it’s time to do the annual cut. Most of my little trees and bushes are swamped and need freeing them from the tangles of wildflowers. The berry bushes are going wild too and we’ve had strawberries, raspberries and cherries which is an absolute dream.

I have been lazy with my pictures the last few months so here is a catch-up.

The Grandparents landed….!