First Day of Freedom

So there it is – done.  No more office, no more office work.

And now of course I can know for sure what I suspected would always come true – that it is foolish to wish your time away.  Because in the end it just slips through your fingers.

But at least I only wished away a few months, not half a lifetime.

I feel quite strange that it’s all over (or just beginning) – some amount of guilt that I didn’t leave everything at work as neatly finished off as I would have liked, a definite sadness that there are some wonderful people I had the pleasure of being around every day who I will see much, much less of, and a pinch of something like sadness or mourning.  But of course mostly I’m pretty bloody excited!

The moving boxes arrived today and we started making a massive kit list of everything we need to take with us or leave with friends and family.  I can’t wait to start de-cluttering!

– Anna