About Us

We used to live and work in London as environmental consultants for energy companies. In search of a wilder existence, Anna cycled across Canada (www.annadoesadventure.blogspot.com), we’ve both cycled around Europe visiting rewilding projects (this blog), then we decided to move to northern Spain.

We’ve found the place of our dreams and are loving our new off-grid life in Quiros, Asturias. Except that our off-grid paradise is still under construction, so we live in rented accommodation nearby whilst we try to build our house, grow a forest garden and look after our little Leona. We like to be busy!

If you’d like to get in touch with us directly, you send us an email to forpeoplefornature at hotmail.com


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. BloodBuzz says:

    Hi Anna and Dave! – I am very inspired by yours and other travellers’ blogs and i’m also researching my own plans for ‘indefinite slow travel living’ through WWOOF-ing, HelpX-ing, conservation volunteering, cycle touring, hiking and sailboat crewing etc!.
    I was wondering – did you build up quite a bit of savings before you decided to live this way, or did you just go for it – knowing that you can generally sustain yourselves through working / volunteering etc whilst abroad.
    I’m thinking of continuing to work at my job in the UK for 5-ish years and investing most of my income in funds whilst also saving up an initial travel fund in a regular savings account – so that I can slow travel whilst living off the travel fund and the money invested will grow over the years in the background and I can draw on this later on in the future to sustain me pretty much indefinitely.
    Would love to hear your ideas on this?


  2. Joseph Attlee says:

    Hi Anna and Dave,

    Me and my partner Tamzin recently discovered your awesome blog shortly after getting off the ferry in the Netherlands.

    We are currently embarking on a similar journey of exploration as you guys, the aim being to cycle from here to Slovenia looking at different conservation practices along the way, including rewilding.

    We are wondering of you had any advice about new projects starting up here or good people to contact? Any pointers at all would be hugely appreciated.

    Best wishes and happy planting,

    Joe and Tamzin


    • Anna Renner (Anna Heslop) says:

      Hi Joe, it’s been a while since you posted your comment – how has this year been for you guys so far? I’d love to hear if you ended up finding a place! And I’m sorry I never saw your comment when you posted, I would have been happy to answer any questions as best I could so let me know if you still have any now.


  3. Lotus moran says:

    Hi i just stumbeld on your site.well done for following your dreams and going for it.
    My name is lotus and i am currently living in asturias with my husband 2 dogs 2 cats after loosing our off grid retreat center in central portugal to the october fires last year.we are searching for a new homestead and i would love to talk with you about your expirience .thanks all the best hope to hear from you love.xxx


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