Black Forest awaits

Last night we decided to spend some time in the Schwarzwald whilst we’re here, even if it means getting a train when we get out.  It was a bit cool this morning and we enjoyed sitting inside for breakfast without melting.  It even rained a bit, which was nice.

Once we’d packed up, we headed for the information centre across the road to see where we could go to do some water sports or hikes.  The guy recommended we head to a campsite 30km north and rent kayaks there.  That meant we had a nice short day’s ride, then some planning to do.

We set off around 10am and it was still a little cool (around 20 degrees).  I think I even got a few goosebumps on the big downhill into town!  We rode on a cycle path by a main road for a bit before leaving it in favour of a small country lane, which was lovely.  The sun came out and we were riding in the dappled light under the trees.  Not too warm, not too cool, perfect riding weather. When we had to leave the valley to head towards the campsite, we were suddenly going straight uphill!  Is it just me or is it getting hotter? After 1km of climbing we came out onto a country road that ran along the top of a rounded ridge.  Cherry farms either side of the road, then valleys, then mountains.  On the right, the Black Forest in Germany.  On the left beyond the Rhein, France.  We tried to pick a few cherries from road-side trees that weren’t farmed, but they were too high up!  So we had to buy a punnet of them from an honesty box.  We sat on a bench with a view of the French valley and mountains and munched our way through the cherries.  They’re fat and very dark red, intensely sweet and didn’t last very long!

Then we zoomed down a hill and arrived at the campsite to check in around 2pm.  After setting up, we went into town to find the kayak hire place and make enquiries for tomorrow.  But there wasn’t anyone around!  A phonecall to their office confirmed that they don’t do whitewater kayaking.  Bummer.  Maybe we will just look for a nice cycle route through the forest instead!



Stop off at the supermarket then back to camp for dinner and bed. Ahhh, it’s cool enough to wear pjs and contemplate the sleeping bag. Yesss.

– Anna

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