Start of solo tour

I left Celle around midday and headed southwest towards Hanover. I only planned to do about 50 km as an easy first day out. And it was pretty easy – no real hills, no real headwind, all on cycle paths. I got a bit bored of the lack of adversity.

Foraging on the way

Foraging on the way

Around 4pm I arrived at a campsite outside Hanover that was on a lake. It was pretty and relatively quiet so I set up, showered and headed out for supplies. It was so hot all day that I didn’t really feel hungry and I was probably quite dehydrated. The thought of eating pasta and pesto for dinner was not appealing, so I indulged my cravings! For tomorrow’s lunch, I got 6 apples, a large pretzel and a pot of cream cheese. And for tonight’s dinner, I got chocolate milk and strawberry cake. Haha!

– Anna

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