Catching up with the Renners

We spent the Winter in a kind of hibernation. Working casual jobs, planning our wedding, watching movies, plotting our escape. As February came to a close, we were ready to blossom into action before Spring had really arrived, and started packing up to leave the Big Smoke. We bought an old car, got it fixed up a bit and filled it with everything we needed for the Summer. Then we stopped in Cambridgeshire for the weekend to get married on our way to our Scottish honeymoon.

It was beautiful to spend our wedding day immersed in a sea of smiles and hugs from friends and family. The readings, speeches, videos and music were all brilliant. We enjoyed ourselves enormously – thank you to everyone!

After the celebrations we drove to Skye, then the Cairngorms and Loch Lomond, taking in hikes and scenic views all the way. It was still pretty wintery but every day was lighter for longer than the one before and the promise of Spring was coming with the melting snow. We met wonderful new people, visited some good friends and started settling in to life as husband and wife.

After month of hiking around Scotland and living in a tent, we were happy to spend a few days in the luxury of my parents’ place in London, then Dave’s parents’ place in Bexhill. And now our plans are starting to come together, I find myself enjoying every day whilst looking forward to our future.

On 12 April we board a ferry to Santander. We’re going to be spending the Summer in northern Spain, volunteering on farms, checking out different regions, learning everything we can fit into our brains and putting together a business plan. By the end of the year we hope to get ourselves a smallholding and set it up in combination with a little eco tourism business, whilst somehow being involved in environmental work on the side! Hopefully by Autumn we will have a better idea of how we’re going to make it all work.

So for now, we are feeling relaxed in the present, with interesting times ahead! We will keep you updated…

Some pictures from the wedding

Some pictures from the honeymoon


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