We spent a lovely few days with Richard and Suzanne at Basieda. We helped to tidy up the weeds in an old ruin and cleaned up the garden in preparation for paying guests. In our free time we visited friends who are hoping to begin a sustainable community in the area, and met their friends who are full time beekeepers, which was a very interesting diversion. We also went to the local natural history museum with Pili, who helps Richard and Suzanne around the house. Pili took us back to her place for coffee and a delicious cake which Anna describes as a cheese-custard tart-flan thing. It tasted great anyway! We also met Pili’s teenage daughter and her 83-year old father, who was busy sharpening a scythe when we showed up ready for a relaxing afternoon cutting the grass.

06 Giant tree

Giant (and sadly dead) sweet chestnut tree

07 Potes

The river through Potes

We drove around the area visiting all the little villages we could find and seeing what kind of properties were for sale. We love the area, the question is, can we afford to live there?? Towards the end of our stay, Richard and Suzanne made us an offer; in return for three mornings a week plus chauffeuring them to town and back they are willing to let us stay in one of the apartments  from June till September. Of course we were delighted to accept, as this will let us spend more time exploring the area from a very plush home base!

01 Balcony view

View from the terrace

– Dave

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