Slow progress

Last week felt a little slow. I wasn’t feeling well for a few days, we’ve been slacking off a bit and we haven’t really made any progress on anything! But we did have a lovely visit from Dave’s friend Richard, we got our first harvest from the veg patch and we did a particularly challenging Sunday hike.

Don’t get too excited about the ‘first harvest’, it’s only lettuce! But I was pretty excited – and now we get to have a home-grown fresh-from-the-garden crispy salad every few days, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.

0 First harvest

Rich was here for 3 days and we got an excuse to be tourists, which was great. We ate in restaurants, drank in bars and went up the Fuente De cable car. And I don’t think we stopped talking the entire time!

There were a few late nights during the week but we managed to pull ourselves together by the weekend to get up for a hike on Sunday. And it’s a good job we started the walk by 10am, because it turned out to be an 11-hour walk! I already knew we’d be doing a lot of up and down, but we were way slower than I’d anticipated. What looked on the map like a 10k route turned out to require extensive switch-backs over tough terrain, multiple detours and a large amount of bush-whacking. I think someone in an office somewhere drew a line on the map on their computer, having never actually been out there to look at it. Still, there were some great views to make up for it and we certainly learned a few things.

This week is off to a better start than the last at least – maybe we will make some progress…

– Anna

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