Day 4 – Into the mountains

We woke to clouded skies and a damp sea mist, but by the time we’d packed up and were on the road, it was sunny and hot!  We pulled in to oggle at the mountains from a distance and peel off a few layers.

2 Distant mountains

Distant mountain view

We could hear songbirds in the bushes and the distant sound of cow bells from the hills.  The blossom is out everywhere and the wildflowers are in bloom.  We rode up and down, up and down, towards the striking peaks.

For first lunch, we stopped in a small town and stocked up at a deli and a bakery and made much-needed chorizo and cheese sandwiches!  Then there was some confusion about which way to go next (which turned out not to be the motorway – oops!), and eventually we were on our way into the mountains.



All of a sudden we were in a cool valley, a steep-sided gorge with the wind rushing through the spring-green leaves on the trees.  We rode gradually uphill along a milky blue-green rushing river towards Potes.


Steep-sided gorge through the mountains

6 Anna in town

Riding gradually uphill

Our warmshowers hosts had recommended a wild camping spot in Lebena, so we left the main road there and headed the short distance into the beautiful village.  All red brick walls and uneven red roof tiles against the greens of the hillside.


Beautiful old village


Church in Lebena at sun-down

We had a look around town, cooked dinner in the pouring rain then drip-dried as the sun poked its head out before it disappeared behind the mountains and we could pitch our tent.

– Anna

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