Saturday chill out

We slept pretty well in the end last night! This morning we had breakfast with Neik and Johanna, then we went to meet Pedro. Johanna decided to go to see the ruins near Figuera de Castelo de Rodrigo, which meant me and Anna could get back to Algodres in the van, hurrah! Still haven’t heard from Johanna, hope she hitchhiked ok…..

Once we got back to Algodres we dropped the van keys at Johanna’s got our bikes and headed back to the reserve. Our plan of doing a long hike today was scuppered by the late start, so instead we decided to just have a chilled out day near the campsite. We did some washing, Anna did yoga on the groundsheet of the tent (so dedicated), and I went for a short walk to the river to see if I could see some vultures. I did see some, but they nest on the opposite side of the valley, so they’re very hard to make out!

Laundry (never ends!)

Laundry (never ends!)





We’ve come back to Algodres this evening to shop for tomorrow’s food. We decided we will DEFINITELY go for that long walk tomorrow so we need everything sorted out tonight so we can get an early, cool start!

– Dave

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