Farewell Faia Brava!

Last night was our last night on the reserve!  We’re sad to be leaving such a great place but excited to see where the road will take us next.

Today was spent packing up at the campsite to head into the village.  We are going to spend the night at Johanna’s to allow us to get an early start tomorrow.

We had to wash the tent (so covered in pollen!) and some of the panniers (cheesy), sort out all our kit and pack everything away.  It is getting really warm again so we were pretty lethargic and it took us ages to sort ourselves out!  But everything is clean and dry and packed away now so that feels good.

Around 2pm we were rattling up the rocky, sandy track for the last time and took a farewell picture by a meadow on the way.

Leaving Faia Brava

Leaving Faia Brava

We spent some time in the cafe using the internet and drinking tea, then we met Johanna and went to her house.  Dave made delicious tortilla, Johanna made salad using her neighbour’s freshly picked leaves and we had it with Johanna’s home made elderflower cordial – so tasty!  After dinner on the veranda at sunset, we took a little walk up to the chapel on the hill.

Cafe time

Cafe time

Checking out the view

Checking out the view



On the way back into town, we chatted to Mario the wine maker neighbour and asked to buy a litre of his wine.  He refused to sell us any but gave us 2 litres for free!  Then also poured us a glass each, brought out some home cured meats and we chatted and snacked as our eyelids began to feel heavy.  What a fabulous way to end our time in Algodres!  I’m so happy we met Johanna, she definitely enriched our Algodres experience.

Night sky

Night sky

When we leave Algodres tomorrow morning, it will be 2 weeks since we arrived.  We’ve had a great time seeing the reserve, meeting the lovely people from ATN and helping out wherever we could.

Here’s to the road tomorrow, whoopee!

– Anna

2 thoughts on “Farewell Faia Brava!

  1. Val Heslop says:

    What lovely photos! What a view! Love the photo of you both and your trusty steeds (bikes) … Do you know you are colour coordinated! Xxxx


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