Route finding

After yesterday’s experiences on the road, I was keen to take some proper cycle routes today. With Google maps ready and loaded in the morning, I set off along a recommended river route straight out of the campsite. It was really lovely – pink wildflowers blooming on the banks, the cycle path full of cheery weekend riders, the river carrying the occasional canoe past.

Riverside cycle route

Riverside cycle route

After about 20 km I had to leave the riverside path, so I stopped for an apple on the banks to soak it in for five more minutes before heading into the woods. It was a good route in the end, all sign-posted and paved. I went through farmland, woodland and through villages. It was so nice and easy, I got a bit bored again.

Forest trail

Forest trail

Then, as if on cue, my cycle path ran out at the side of a country road and I had my work cut out for the last hour on the way to the campsite.

I arrived in one peace, pitched up, showered, laundried, ate the rest of my lunch and headed to the cinema! On the way there, I found a huge bramble bush by the roadside, untouched, berries glistening in the evening sun. I gorged myself on the sweet fruits, enjoying the flavour and the opportunism, but lamenting coming into the last weeks of summer. Then I got to the cinema and sat back for a few hours with a bag of popcorn to watch a predicable chick flick and forget about it all. Ahh.

Back at camp, I cooked up my pasta pesto and chatted to the other tourers – a Dutch couple on their 10th summer tour and a guy on his annual 4-day escape from work and family. My cough got so bad that I couldn’t talk any more without aggravating it and the Dutch lady kindly gave me some sweets to calm it down before bed.

It’s nice in this part of Germany. The riding is easy, the people are friendly, the scenery is pretty good. But it is a bit dull. I mean, it’s not exactly Canada. I’m ready to arrive at the next project and meet up with Dave again! Still, 3 more days to go… and only 100km to the next stopping place! So I’m going to take a detour and visit a nearby National Park on the way, lest I arrive early.

– Anna

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