Rhine and wine

The wind was insane last night, we both woke up a few times and were glad we had big trees protecting our tent from the worst of it. On the plus side, against all expectation, our washing was dry this morning, hooray!

Apart from the good air-drying facilities, this campsite pretty much sucked, and we were happy to leave. Never good when you arrive in the pissing rain and the manager shouts at you that you can’t put your tent together under a shelter. Oh well. We said goodbye to our fellow cycle tourist and headed off. It was really complicated following the Google route through Frankfurt, if we didn’t have GPS it just wouldn’t be possible I don’t think. We’d have to take the road or something crazy like that.

As we were going along a river path beside some allotments, Anna spotted a red squirrel with its head stuck in a fence. She was so quick to jump of her bike and release it that I didn’t even see the thing until it scaled the fence and launched itself into an allotment. Anna Heslop, Nature Protector!

We stopped for first lunch in a park and discussed all the stuff we need to do when we get home. There’s a lot of stuff! Dunno how we’re going to find the time, or the money! Ah well, we’ll worry about that in a few weeks!

We eventually escaped Frankfurt and headed towards Alzey. We were still following Google Maps, which was taking us on some weird and wonderful routes to keep us off the roads, but thankfully none as ridiculously agricultural as yesterday. We went through some lovely woodland and along some horrible windy riverside. We also crossed the good old Rhine again, pity about the lorries whizzing past right next to us!

Nice ride in the woods

Nice ride in the woods

Get me of this bridge now please!

Get me of this bridge now please!

Just as we were wondering if we’d taken one diversion too many to make it to Weinheim tonight, Anna found a cycle track along an old railway line that suddenly sped us several kilometres in the right direction, and the game was on once again.

Railways - great for cycling!

Railways – great for cycling!

We tried to follow the line till our destination, but sadly they must have given up restoring it at some point because we had to revert to horrible busy roads and very roundabout cycle paths, but at least the end was in sight!

When we got into Weinheim we were full of trepidation. If the campsite was closed there was nothing for miles. We’d already decided we would just go knocking at farms until someone let us lay down our stinky carcasses in a field. Luckily this proved unnecessary; the campsite here is tiny, but amazing. It’s part of a Winery, the facilities are brilliant, and the lady here welcomed in with a tasting of four delicious white wines, which worked pretty quickly on our dehydrated brains! We liked them so much we bought a couple of bottles. We were worrying if we’d have enough money to pay for them, and them they turned out to be €3.50 each. Best campsite ever. So we just had dinner with a delicious chilled bottle of Gewurtzstraminer and we have another in the pannier for tomorrow. Bring it on!

Guess we're back in wine country!

Guess we’re back in wine country!

Oh yes

Oh yes

The view was nice too

The view was nice too

– Dave

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