Happy new year

The first few weeks as new parents was a haze of laundry, feeds, nappy changes and little walks in the woods. It wasn’t stressful because we had no other responsibilities, so we just enjoyed getting into the rhythm of it and spending time with our little munchkin.

Over Christmas we spent two weeks at an airbnb with my family. Friends JC and Neal came over for a few days too. It was lovely to spend time together and the weather was glorious.

The year is at its end and it’s time to reflect on 2019. At the start of the year we were taking out the old wooden floor beams. We put in a whole new floor, did loads of pointing, grew a load of food, had the drain put in around the house, terraced the field, framed out the front wall, finished the new window, added front doors and brought a new little person into our family. Dave has worked a fair bit but now he’s on unpaid leave until March, which is great. We’re going to be taking a trip around the UK to spend the cold, wet and snowy winter months with family and friends before heading back to carry on with the house in spring.

Happy new year everyone!


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