January travels

We set off on the 19th to catch the ferry from Santander. It was a rough start to the crossing – Charlie was terrified, Dave and I were throwing up and Leona slept better than ever!

Since arriving on Terra firma in the UK, we’ve been to see my cousin and her baby, I’ve attended my sister’s hen do between feeds, we have visited my aunt and uncle, and we’ve met all of Dave’s side of the family. It’s been great so far. Travelling with Charlie and Leona has been easier than I expected. Dave has been keeping on top of the laundry like a champ in all the different places we’re staying. And so far everything has gone relatively smoothly. We did have one trip to A&E but thankfully it was for me, not Leona!

We went to the skate park with nephew Casey. I was very keen to have a go on a bmx. I’d never tried it before and it seemed a bit scary, but I hate it that it always seems to be that Mum ends up standing on the sidelines with the kids whilst Dad gets to try all the fun activities. So I fed Leona, handed her to Dave and got out there. An 8 year old kid took me under her wing and showed me how to ride in and out of the bowl, which I did successfully and was very proud of myself! Then I did a very successful faceplant and got myself glued back together in A&E. I suppose I’m a little bit proud of it.


Now it’s the first of February and we’re in brexit Britain! I hope they will let us leave again at the end of our trip.


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